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In an ever more digital world, data matters. And this underpins our research philosophy at SubCableWorld. While once access to data was a pressing concern, today it is the timely capacity to interpret tiered and increasing complex information sources that professionals need to hand. This is actionable intel.

While our mainstay over the decades has been our focus on the submarine fiber optic cable market, in recent years we have diversified our portfolio to incorporate a number of detailed reports covering everything from offshore wind development to the application of unmanned systems for naval research. Further, we have expanded our team of researched to cater for a more individual approach to custom reports.

Our team of market specialists is uniquely positioned to help provide professionals in the ocean and offshore industries with critical insight designed to make informed, data-led decisions.

2021 Offshore Wind Report

2021 Offshore Wind Report

This report is intended as a guide for the submarine cable industry on the market potential for offshore wind cable in the United States. The US offshore wind industry is still in its infancy and has been slow to develop. A handful of cable supply contracts have been awarded, however, as will be shown later, but this is just the beginning.

The potential is enormous, with the country’s huge coastlines and abundant wind resources. If the political will to support offshore wind and fight climate change continues, it could be a healthy market throughout the 2020s and into the 2030s and beyond.

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