SubCableWorld is a news and information service that changes the way the submarine cable industry is covered. It presents the latest news from the industry, as well as real-time analysis of the market. The result is a thorough and comprehensive service that tracks the drivers and constrainers of what can be a volatile industry.

SubCableWorld has been keeping key decision makers in the submarine cable industry informed on the latest developments in the market since 1998 through its daily NewsFeed (originally known as the TSA NewsFeed). It has tracked the industry through the boom years at the end of the 20th Century, the disastrous collapse of the market in the early 21st Century, the slow recovery and now the current boom. While the industry is thriving at the moment, its history has shown that market conditions can change in the blink of an eye. SubCableWorld is designed to monitor those conditions; looking for signs of change, either for better or worse, and reporting on conditions in a clear and objective way.

As the second decade of the 21st Century nears its conclusion, the volatility of the submarine cable market requires a new approach to covering it. SubCableWorld tracks developments not just in the submarine cable industry, but in other markets as well -- ranging from data centers and content development to streaming video and broadband technologies -- which impact the submarine cable market. These industries, as well as other factors such as the availability of financing and the question of overbuilding versus redundancy, interact with one another to either drive or constrain the demand for new cables. SubCableWorld tracks how these forces interact and what affect they have on the submarine cable market on a daily basis; delivering that data to subscribers to SubCableWorld in real-time.

In addition, SubCableWorld monitors market conditions such as the financial results of public companies that are major players in the industry, the climate for investment in the industry, the actions of government around the world that could stimulate or slow the growth of the global submarine cable market -- all of this with the goal of presenting the most complete picture ever of the submarine cable market in one place.

SubCableWorld consists of the following components:

  • The website (along with social media) feeds breaking news to readers as well as notices of the latest updates to our forecasts.
  • A daily newsletter delivers to subscribers’ desktops the news and analysis they need to know to better understand the market. The newsletter clearly and concisely updates the subscriber on the key news in the submarine cable and related industries.
  • The Radar Screen Report is SubCableWorld’s analysis and forecasting service. This is updated in real-time and available within the SubCableWorld website, with monthly reports and a year-in-review summary delivered electronically to subscribers. The Radar Screen Report studies the interplay between the driving and constraining forces in the market and watches for developments that could result in a dramatic shift in market conditions.

John Manock, editor of SubCableWorld, has been covering and analyzing the submarine cable market for nearly 30 years. He built the first commercially available database on submarine cables and created the TSA NewsFeed. He also has worked on numerous feasibility studies for submarine cable systems, beginning with the FLAG project in the early 1990s.