The European Subsea Cables Association (ESCA), the European trade association for submarine power and telecommunications cables, announces that Stephen Dawe of Vodafone will be the new Chairman of ESCA.

Mr. Dawe succeeds Peter Jamieson of Liberty Global, who is standing down after serving in this role for six years.

Based in London, United Kingdom, Stephen is Engineering & Business Development Manager at Vodafone Group Services Ltd with 35 years of experience in the submarine systems industry and an extensive background in engineering, system development, management and business development. Additionally, Stephen is a SubOptic Executive Committee Member and SubOptic 2019 Papers Committee Co-chair.


Prior to leading business development for Vodafone Submarine Systems Engineering, Stephen was Director of Submarine Systems Engineering at Cable & Wireless Global Networks where he was responsible for international connectivity, carrier commercial arrangements and consortium management.

Mr. Jamieson will continue in the organization as Vice-Chairman in support of Mr Dawe.