GlobeNet announces that it has completed the marine survey for its new subsea cable to Argentina, Malbec.  The new cable system will link the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires, Argentina – with a branching unit to reach Porto Alegre, Brazil, in the future.

“Laying a subsea cable is a process that requires due diligence, meticulous planning and detail-oriented execution,” says Eduardo Falzoni, CEO of GlobeNet. “The completion of the marine survey in due time is a major milestone and allows us to confirm the ready for service date for the first half of 2020.”

The Malbec project is being deployed in collaboration with Facebook. The 2,500-km subsea cable system brings Argentina fully into the GlobeNet network, providing seamless connectivity between the Southern Cone of South America and the United States. It takes advantage of the latest enhancements in fiber optic technology, such as SDM (Spatial Division Multiplexing), to deliver double the current international capacity to Argentina. As a result, the new infrastructure will allow much greater high-speed access to social media content, streaming and cloud services throughout the region.

The Malbec project was recently recognized as the “Best Subsea Cable Consortium” at the Carrier Community Global 2019 Awards event.