RTI Connectivity Pte. Ltd. (RTI) announced that the Japan-Guam-Australia (JGA) South Sunshine Coast branch has successfully landed at Maroochydore in Queensland, Australia.

JGA South is the first fibre optic undersea cable to land on Australia’s East Coast, outside of Sydney’s landing zone. RTI’s network will also directly connect the Sunshine Coast to Sydney and Guam, with onward direct and seamless connectivity to the rest of Asia and the West Coast of the United States.

Cable laying ship at Maroochydore Beach

Île de Bréhat Successfully Completes the Shore-end Landing in Maroochydore, Australia

Russ Matulich, RTI’s Chief Executive Officer, noted, “The Sunshine Coast branch not only seamlessly connects Queensland directly to Asia and the United States, but it also enables critical diversity between the Sunshine Coast and Sydney. The Sunshine Coast branch’s connection to JGA South lays the essential groundwork for increased trade, expanded educational opportunities and improved communications. Mayor Mark Jamieson and the Sunshine Coast Council are to be commended for their vision and foresight.”

JGA South’s initial design capacity is 36 Terabits per Second (Tbps) and seamlessly connects RTI’s expansive 100 Tbps network to essential data centre campuses across Australia, Asia and the United States. Along with its investment in the Sunshine Coast Branch, the Sunshine Coast Council completed the construction of a cable landing station facility in September 2019 to house the connection point for JGA South with the land-side communications network.

Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson observed, “Once again, our council is at the forefront of thinking outside the square, securing new revenue sources and pursuing opportunities to generate economic and employment growth as a major dividend for our residents, ensuring we continue to be Australia’s healthy, smart, creative region. In the future, the Sunshine Coast will be at the top of the list when companies needing big data consider where to set-up in Queensland and Australia. We will have an extraordinary capacity to accommodate fast, reliable transfer of data across the world.”

Mayor Jamieson acknowledged the $15 million contribution from the Queensland Government’s Jobs and Regional Growth Fund in helping make this investment-generating project a reality.

The Sunshine Coast branch’s direct connection to RTI’s 100 Gbps cable design delivers unrivalled scalability, exceptional quality and improved latency, including Australia’s fastest path to Hong Kong and Tokyo. JGA South will be commercially available next quarter, JGA North will be commercially available in 2Q 2020, Hong Kong - Guam (HK-G) is expected to be in-service in 4Q 2020 and Hong Kong - Americas (HKA) is expected to be in service in 4Q 2020. RTI is planning to add additional capacity between Guam and the United States via the SxS Cable System and also an expansion from Guam to Singapore.