Ocean Specialists, Inc. (OSI) announces that it has completed its full scope of program work related to the ATISA submarine cable project. OSI has been engaged with DOCOMO PACIFIC since the earliest days of the project, helping shape the commercial and technical foundations of the program, with a continuing technical management role that extended through manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. The ATISA network was installed by NEC.

ATISA brings much-needed capacity and redundancy to the region, with additional fiber optic connectivity to the islands of Saipan, Rota, and Tinian with high-capacity links to Guam. “DOCOMO PACIFIC and OSI have designed and delivered the ATISA network with service restoration and robust network capabilities fully in mind. OSI has appreciated the focus and drive with which the DOCOMO PACIFIC team has led the project; we are certain the network will bring significant benefit to the Marianas,” stated Tony Mosley, OSI’s Director of Asia Pacific.

“OSI’s team has worked side-by-side with us from Day One. Their suggestions and ability to balance the commercial, technical, and delivery aspects of the program were invaluable,” stated Jonathan Kriegel, President and Chief Executive Officer of DOCOMO PACIFIC.

2CableshipOSI delivers network connectivity globally for telecom, energy, and scientific industries, with current projects spanning all regions of the world. Network development portfolio services range from market studies, partner identification, technology assessment, vendor selection and full network management of installation and commissioning. “As it relates to Asia Pacific, which is always a dynamic and important region, we are particularly proud of our capabilities; we have made a strong commitment to the region in terms of resourcing and staff, and it shows in our ability to meet the needs of this market,” said Tom Soja, Vice President of OSI.