Now that the Pacific Telecommunications Council’s annual conference, PTC’19, is over, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the news announcements during the week. 

PTC always results in a large number of announcements, as many companies want to start the year off with a bang.  2019 was no exception, as there were major announcements showcasing the industry’s expansion. 

Not surprisingly, there was plenty of news from the Pacific region.  There was the announcement of a new cable system along the Pacific coast of North America (Cascadia FiberNet to Build Vancouver-Seattle Cable).  Hawaiki (Hawaiki, PacketFabric Team on Innovation, Network Reach) and Telstra (Telstra Upgrades Asia Pacific Network with Infinera) made major announcements as well.  On the cable landing station side, XSite Modular announced that it would supply the Coral Sea Cable System’s landing station in Port Moresby (XSite Modular Awarded PNG Landing Station Contract). 

On the U.S. Atlantic coast, there also were several major announcements.  These included AWS acquiring a fiber pair on MAREA (Telxius, Amazon Web Services Reach Agreement on MAREA) and a new connection to the Virginia Beach cable station (Windstream-Telxius partnership connects Virginia Beach CLS).  Also, NJFX’ cable landing station/colocation campus became the first CLS to receive a HIPAA certification (NJFX Achieves HIPAA Certification).  This certification reflects the most stringent standards for data centers in the industry and are required for all facilities hosting medical records.

Lastly, there was an important acquisition announced (IPG Photonics to Acquire Padtec Submarine Networks Division).  Padtec was named the supplier of Google’s Junior cable system connecting Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in 2016.  It also makes IPG Photonics a significant player in the submarine cable systems market.