SEACOM has scheduled routine maintenance on the SEACOM Subsea Cable system in the Red Sea. The maintenance window is from the 19 – 23 January 2018.  This maintenance work will disrupt transmission on the SEACOM Subsea Cable for a limited period of time during this maintenance window.  SEACOM is not able to confirm the exact time of the network disruption given the nature of this maintenance work on the open sea from a moving repair vessel.

During this maintenance, all linear transmission traffic on the SEACOM Subsea Cable system on the East Coast of Africa, to and from Europe, will be affected.  Customers with IP or other managed network services will remain unaffected but could experience higher latency as traffic will be routed over SEACOM’s West Coast transmission links, as well as on SEACOM’s network to Asia gateways.

SEACOM continues to monitor the situation closely and will provide updates periodically as required.