HKCOLO.NET announced that the South-East Asia Japan Cable System (SJC) submarine cable is now accessible from the Telehouse Hong Kong CCC located at 2 Chun Yat Street, TKOIE, Hong Kong.

The SJC cable system has a main span of 8,900 km, which could be extended up to 9,700 km. It connects 7 countries / territories, with landing stations in Singapore, Thailand (planned), Brunei, Philippines, Hong Kong, mainland China and Japan.

Designed to meet bandwidth-intensive applications, the SJC cable system consists of 6 fiber pairs with the current design capacity of well over 45 Terabits per second.

Mr. Andrew Pang, Managing Director of HKCOLO.NET, a member of Telehouse group, stated, "We are delighted to gain access to SJC cable system since July 16th of this year. It marks a huge step forward in achieving one of our missions: providing means for carriers among the major colocation centers operated by our partners to cross-connect. SJC significantly enhances network connectivity and diversity in the region, offering greater cable reliability and resilience to enterprise customers. Thanks to the direct connectivity with SJC and HKIX, local and overseas partner carriers can enjoy upgraded interconnectedness. Through continual advancement and vision to the future, the entire region will better interact and communicate with the rest of the world."

Telehouse Hong Kong CCC operated by HKCOLO.NET is the first data center to obtain the top TIA Tier 4/Rated 4 data center certificate by TIA-942 in the financial region spanning across China, Japan, Korea and Singapore. It is poised to become the principal hub where HKIX participants, carriers and cloud players can meet, peer and exchange traffic, providing high level of connectivity value both domestically and internationally.