The submarine cable industry changes at a startling pace and the industry needs advanced tools to stay informed. That’s why TSC Publications—the same people who bring you ON&T—launched the new SubCableWorld (SCW) website.

A news and information service for the cable industry, the new website includes a number of indispensable tools, as well as both public and exclusive subscriber-only content. The website disseminates the latest, most reliable news and information to the industry in the most-timely manner possible. Like the companies installing subsea telecom cables, we built the SCW website with an emphasis on both bandwidth and speed. That means more news, delivered faster.

We Didn’t Just Redesign, We Added Value

For the first-time, the SCW website provides access to the Radar Screen Report (RSR) on a subscription basis. Previously published just once a year, the RSR now provides analysis and forecasting of the submarine fiber optic cable market on a 24/7 basis. The report is updated whenever developments take place that significantly impact the market. Also new to the website is a database of the submarine fiber optic cable projects that are under development.

As the offshore wind market continues to grow and extend beyond Northern Europe, the information needs for this highly-specialized industry become greater. Responding to this, SCW added a new section devoted exclusively to submarine cables used in offshore wind farms. Called the Offshore Wind Cable (OWC) Almanac, this service includes news, analysis and insights on submarine cables that are a critically important technology for offshore wind development.

Access to all of the features on SubCableWorld is available on an annual subscription basis for US$2,268.00 for an individual subscription. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..