With the latest update of SubCableWorld’s Radar Screen Report, the demand for submarine fiber optic cable through the first 11 months of 2017 is running ahead of 2016 for the same period by about 25%. 

At SubCableWorld, we count demand by tracking announcements of new cable contracts and the amount of cable represented by those contracts.  2017 and 2016 have had the same number of contracts announced, but the amount of cable per contract for the 2017 awards has been greater.

The significance is that, although recent months have seen the completion of many new, large-scale submarine cable projects, new ones are being contracted for to take their place in the project pipeline.  This demonstrates the overall strength of the submarine fiber optic cable market. 

For more on our latest update, go to https://www.subcableworld.com/scw-newsfeed/monthly-review/submarine-fiber-optic-cable-contract-awards (subscription required).