TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. Company, with a consortium including Aqua Comms, Bulk Infrastructure, Facebook, and others, announced that a contract has been signed with TE SubCom as the system supplier for the HAFVRUE cable system. HAVFRUE, the Danish word for mermaid, is the first new cable system in almost two decades that will traverse the North Atlantic to connect mainland Northern Europe to the United States. Route survey operations for the system have begun and system ready-for-service (RFS) is expected in Q4 2019.

The system is comprised of a trunk cable connecting New Jersey to the Jutland Peninsula of Denmark with a branch landing in County Mayo, Ireland. Optional branch extensions to Northern and Southern Norway are also included in the design. The cable will bring modern, high-capacity connectivity to Northern Europe, where data center construction has been increasing to support the need for cloud services.

As supplier for the system, SubCom will incorporate their Wavelength Selective Switching Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexer (WSS-ROADM) for flexible wavelength allocation over the system design life. The HAVFRUE cable system will be optimized for coherent transmission and will offer a cross-sectional cable capacity of 108Tbps, scalable to higher capacities utilizing future generation SLTE technology. The combination of these elements will make the HAVFRUE system a powerful and flexible solution for current uses while also providing an easy upgrade path to accommodate future advances in subsea connectivity technology.

“The HAVFRUE cable will provide state-of-the-art connectivity for increasing needs of users, ranging from individual consumers to businesses and the research community. SubCom is proud to be selected as the supplier for this project,” said Sanjay Chowbey, president of TE SubCom.

The system will be owned and operated by multiple parties, including Aqua Comms, Bulk Infrastructure, Facebook and others. Aqua Comms, the Irish cable owner/operator and carriers’ carrier, will serve as the system operator and landing party in U.S.A., Ireland, and Denmark. Bulk Infrastructure of Norway will be the owner and landing party for the Norwegian branch options.

DAC Aqua Comms DAC is an Irish Carriers’ Carrier specializing in building and operating submarine cable systems and suppling fibre pairs, spectrum and capacity networking solutions to the global media, content and carrier markets.  It is the owner/operator of America Europe Connect-1 (AEC-1) and Celtix Connect-1 and continues to build on its vision of efficient submarine infrastructure ownership with membership of the HavFrue consortium and development of Celtix Connect-2 and North Sea Connect, bridging the Northern Atlantic between North America and Northern Europe.

Bulk Infrastructure is a leading Norwegian real-estate and infrastructure developer focusing on logistics, datacenters and industrial large-scale projects. The company is establishing the World’s Largest Data Center Campus on Renewable Energy in South Norway called N01 Campus. Bulk has developed a large dark fiber network within Norway and created the Oslo Internet Exchange. Bulk is developing a presence as a major participant within the European data center infrastructure industry.