Trident Subsea Cable and PT. Ketrosden Triasmitra (Triasmitra) have entered into a strategic venture to own and operate a telecommunications cable asset connecting Singapore and Indonesia.

The Trident Subsea Cable system is an independent, carrier-neutral fiber network specifically designed to enhance connectivity between Australia and Asia – this includes developing a subsea cable network throughout Southeast Asia. The system will be deployed under a staged approach.

Stage 1 of Trident’s network development has commenced with the acquisition of two fiber pairs between Singapore and Jakarta from Indonesian cable deployer, owner-operator Triasmitra’s existing Jakarta-Bangka-Batam-Singapore (B2JS) cable system. This development will see the official launch of Trident’s Asia network which will be operational and transacting with its first customers in April 2017.

Significant demand for premium network services has enabled Trident to secure capacity sales in excess of US$20 million for 2017 on the Stage 1 route. Completion of Stage 1 will drive immediate revenue for the company to progress subsequent stages of network development.

Trident Chief Executive Officer, Alexis Pinto, said that the Trident Subsea Cable system had received strong support as a much-needed utility since data demand between Australia and Asia continues on a rapid upward trajectory. The nations of Southeast Asia, in particular, collectively form an economic powerhouse and are emerging as a key driver of future global prosperity – presenting a plethora of market opportunities.

“Trident welcomes this exciting collaboration with Triasmitra; the complementary strengths and combined visions of both companies create compelling commercial synergies for our customers and shareholders,” Mr. Pinto said. “Triasmitra has a proven track record in submarine and terrestrial fiber optic cable network infrastructure development and maintenance. With a number of domestic and international assets within Indonesia and surrounding regions, a skilled engineering workforce and close relationships with international carrier partners, Triasmitra brings significant value to Trident’s Asia network.”

“With Triasmitra’s support as a key development partner, we anticipate accelerated growth and reach for the establishment of Trident’s carrier-neutral, Asian-centric network.” Triasmitra Founder, Galumbang Menak, said. “Triasmitra has seen great success in Indonesia; the partnership with Trident offers an opportunity to extend our reach within the region and into international markets.”

“The partnership brings together Triasmitra’s breadth of engineering capability with Trident’s strengths in strategic commercial development,” Mr. Menak said. “We are working closely with Trident to deliver Stage 1 of the project and look forward to future opportunities of mutual benefit.”

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