With the flick of a switch, Vocus Communications’ $US170m Australia Singapore Cable was today connected to the company’s terrestrial network, providing the country with a massive increase in capacity into the Asian region.

Vocus Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Russell, said the Vocus team is finalizing its testing phase for the cable system to be Ready for Service on 14 September, when customers will be able to enjoy the newest, fastest and most direct connectivity route into Asia.

Vocus Communications and its partner, Alcatel Submarine Networks, finished laying the 4600km cable in July after a 20-month installation project involving complicated engineering and technology challenges.


With data growth in Asia the fastest in the world, the center of the Internet universe is shifting from the Americas to Asia, where bandwidth is expected to outpace the US and Europe by 2020.

Mr. Russell believes the Australia Singapore Cable is a crucial piece of infrastructure and it has never been a more important time for Australia to be connected to the Asian region.

“The Australia Singapore Cable will provide the newest, quickest and most direct route into Asia with the largest increase of international connectivity for Australia into the fastest growing data region in the world. The technology deployed on the ASC has been selected to easily integrate with the intelligent network management platform Vocus is currently rolling out, offering superior latency over comparable systems. The cable has also been incorporated into the Equinix International Interconnection ecosystem spanning 275 Cloud providers and thousands of data centers globally,” Mr. Russell said.

Vocus Communications is now working with Alcatel Submarine Networks on the other side of the country to construct the recently announced Coral Sea Cable System, on behalf of the Australian Government.