On 19 June 2018, Vocus announced that it has been contracted by the Australian Government to construct an international submarine cable between Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Australia. The project is a centerpiece of Australia’s development assistance program to the Pacific.

The international submarine cable will utilize advanced multi-terabit technology to improve the international connectivity of Papua New Guinea and introduce high-speed international telecommunications cables to Solomon Islands. Completion of the cable build is scheduled for late 2019.

In addition to the international submarine cable, the Australian Government has contracted Vocus to construct a domestic submarine network within Solomon Islands, to extend the benefits of the cable beyond Honiara to the outer provinces where the majority of the Solomon Islands population lives.

Vocus Group Managing Director and CEO, Kevin Russell, stated, “We are pleased to build on our strong relationship with the Federal Government and undertake this critical infrastructure project on their behalf. In this digital age, we all rely heavily on access to fast, reliable and affordable connectivity.  Extending this to our international neighbors for the first time will provide significant economic and social benefits.

“Our recent experience constructing world-class domestic fiber infrastructure, including the sub-marine North-West Cable System and Australia Singapore Cable, means Vocus is extremely well placed to partner with the Federal Government to complete this important project,” he concluded.