Vocus Group Limited has entered into an agreement with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for a scoping study in respect of the design, construction and procurement of a submarine cable between Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Vocus cable designs use the latest multi-terabit technology and would vastly improve the international connectivity of Papua New Guinea and bring high-speed international telecommunications to Solomon Islands for the first time. The project scoping study phase includes consultation with external stakeholders including the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, the procurement of the cable system, and the commencement of permitting. The outcome of the scoping study phase is expected to result in the rollout of a cable system on behalf of the Australian Government commencing in 2018.

Vocus CEO Geoff Horth stated, “Our experience as network builders, owners and operators puts us in a strong position to lead this project on behalf of the Australian Government. The expertise we have gained from designing and developing the North-West Cable System and the Australia-Singapore Cable means that we have the team and the knowledge that can deliver the best outcome for Pacific Islands connectivity.”

“We are pleased to build on our strong relationship with the Australian Government and we look forward to securing the opportunity to work with both Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands to deliver this critical infrastructure project,” he concluded.