Vocus confirmed that the build of its Australia Singapore Cable (ASC) is scheduled to be delivered ahead of schedule. The ASC was originally scheduled to be delivered in September 2018 but the company confirmed that the build has less than 12 months to go with a targeted go live date of July 2018.

“We’ve been able to achieve the earlier date through condensing the program of works to deliver ahead of schedule, in July 2018,” noted Vocus Group CEO, Geoff Horth, “The Vocus and Alcatel build teams are familiar with each other having worked together on the successful delivery of our North West Cable System, which has facilitated the shorter timeframe for completion.”

Vocus also announced that the cable would be adding a landing on Christmas Island, following several strong expressions of interest from a range of Government agencies. Christmas Island is a location that has struggled to secure required infrastructure to support local service requirements.

“The ASC establishes a new global route from South East Asia – the Great Southern Route,” continued Horth, “avoiding geologic instability around Japan and geopolitical challenges in Guam and the South China Sea, to provide a safer route to the US, thus opening up the cable to new markets.”