XKL LLC, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, introduces a subsea solution that facilitates an optical protection scheme with protected LAN PHY links, DWDM links, or both, all in a single platform. Subsea cable providers can use the innovative eVolocity platform to maximize assets, capacity, security and control to get the most out of their networks.

The eVolocity statistical multiplexing feature provides aggregation and protection. In the event of a failure, circuits can be pre-provisioned to automatically switch to another operational link. By taking advantage of statistical multiplexing, both the primary path and a diverse protected path are exercised simultaneously, i.e., the protected path passes primary traffic and backup traffic. This soft-configurable protection scheme significantly reduces the total cost of ownership to the customer and provides automatic failover capabilities. When the impacted link is restored, circuits can be arranged to automatically revert back or can be reverted manually.

According to Telegeography, there are approximately 428 subsea cables in service today around the world. Approximately $7 billion is projected to be invested in subsea infrastructure between continental regions in 2017 and 2018. Much of the existing infrastructure that is available to enterprises is aging. Deploying cutting-edge optical transport for use with legacy cables and infrastructure is a challenging problem.

The XKL eVolocity platform reduces recurring costs as it is designed for efficient network deployments and easily managed by existing IT staff. The platform also allows operators to connect physically separate LAN PHY services, alien wave applications, or dark fiber, all from the same platform, allowing for total control over a seamless global network.

“Even though the new fiber builds launched this year and next are receiving considerable attention, it is possible to get high performance out of legacy cables,” says Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect for XKL. “The eVolocity platform allows customers to extend capacity of existing networks using soft-assigned priorities along with statistical multiplexing to provide QoS control, dynamic bandwidth allocation, and maximizes the customer line utilization. The cost of line-side optics continues to dominate the overall costs of DWDM networks. eVolocity allows customers to get the most out of these investments.”

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