Makai Ocean Engineering is now offering an advanced cable laying course for operators who have managed real cable installations at-sea using MakaiLay. In addition to filling any knowledge gaps that operators might have in basic lay operations, this MakaiLay Level-II training course focuses on more advanced scenarios that might arise at-sea.

This course produces graduates who are better equipped to install subsea cable accurately, safely, and swiftly, which benefits the installation company, the cable owners, the insurers, and of course the operators themselves.

Participants of the course learn how to successfully manage real-world scenarios like:

  • Handling as-built cable lengths from the factory that are different than the originally planned cable assembly lengths,
  • Identifying and managing roto count errors,
  • Managing emergency ship stops and cable engine stops,
  • and much more…

Participants systematically work through the above scenarios and many others using an in-office cable lay simulator with the guidance of a master-level MakaiLay operator. Drawing on lessons from over 35 years of cable laying experience, the course prepares graduates to address contingencies correctly and efficiently as they arise at-sea.

Global Marine Systems Limited (GMSL) recently sent six of their experienced operators to Makai’s headquarters in Hawaii to complete the MakaiLay Level-II course. "The MakaiLay Level-II course provides vital training for our more experienced cable engineering personnel, giving them the latest tools and techniques they need to accomplish a lay or repair safely, on time and to budget," said Mr. Ian Griffiths, Global Marine's Cable Engineering Manager. "Courses like this are part of the continual improvements we make to our operations that have kept Global Marine at the top of our industry for more than 165 years."

“The MakaiLay Level-II course gives us an opportunity to work directly with some of the world’s most experienced operators,” said Dr. Venkata Jasti, Makai’s Submarine Cable Manager. “We are better able to understand their pain points and provide techniques for overcoming them, using both practical, hands-on methods as well as software-based methods. As a result of these interactions, we often add new operator-requested features to the software that can seamlessly integrate with their operating procedures, making their workflow more effective and efficient.”

The new Level-II course uses MakaiLay as well as its in-office counterpart, called MakaiPlan Pro, which is used for training and to identify installation risks and prepare installation plans before ever going to sea.

For beginning and intermediate users of Makai’s cable software suite, Makai offers Level- I courses that provide training on the fundamentals of cable route engineering and installation with the aid of MakaiLay, MakaiPlan Pro as well as MakaiPlan – the world’s most popular cable route engineering software. Participants of these courses in 2016 include: KCS (Japan), Leidos (USA), General Dynamics (USA), TELIN & Telkom Infra (Indonesia), and KTS (Korea).

MakaiLay is advanced subsea cable installation software that enables users to lay submarine cables with the highest level of accuracy, speed, safety, and reliability possible today, dramatically reducing the risk of cable failures. The software has been rigorously tested and validated and is used by over 75% of the global fleet of cable ships on countless commercial lays and military installations to successfully install well over 400,000 km of cable worldwide.

Makai Ocean Engineering Inc., is the world’s leading provider of submarine cable planning and installation software. Established in 1973 in Hawaii, Makai has been developing submarine cable installation software since 1983, and has been pushing the boundaries of the state-of-the-art ever since.