Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) announced the acquisition of the Toisa Warrior, an 87-meter-long DP2 ship built in 2011 (and operated until 2016) from Sealion Shipping Ltd.

Thanks to this acquisition, ASN is rejuvenating its fleet and reinforcing its presence in the Atlantic area. The Toisa Warrior, renamed Ile d’Ouessant and registered under French flag, will serve primarily as a maintenance vessel for cables in the Atlantic (APMA) and will replace the Peter Faber.

The conversion of the ship will start shortly and will be run in Europe under Louis Dreyfus Armateurs’ (LDA) responsibility, with the aim of having the new ship operational in the Atlantic area by Q1 2020 the latest. As for the whole ASN fleet, LDA will be the ship manager for the Ile d’Ouessant.


This acquisition provides ASN with a modern, powerful, agile and fast vessel (2 propellers and 4 thrusters for a speed of 15 knots, compared to the 11 knots of the Peter Faber, combined with a longer endurance. ASN and LDA, thanks to their decades of experience in cable operations around the world, designed and engineered a solution to transform this light construction vessel in a state-of-the-art repair cable ship. This vessel is meant to be more versatile with the ability to support new ASN Oil & Gas activities, such as DC/FO and PRM (Permanent Reservoir Monitoring) projects and provide extra capabilities to ASN in light subsea construction.