High voltage engineering specialist, EDS HV Group, now part of the UK’s leading marine services company – James Fisher and Sons plc, has returned to home soil in the UK following a very successful offshore wind business innovation and expert mission to the US.

Funded by Innovate UK and organized by Enterprise Europe Network partner Inventya, EDS was 1 of just 18 organizations chosen to attend. The visit, which took place in April, coincided with the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF) in New Jersey. The fact-finding mission gave the participants exposure to the US market and the opportunities it has to offer, as well as the chance to promote the European Offshore Wind Industry.  The trip included a briefing session with US Offshore wind market experts and an opportunity to pitch the EDS business to the US market.

As well as joining Innovate UK for the mission, EDS was also invited by US Offshore Wind Specialist and Durham University Visiting Professor, Alan Lowdon, to speak at the IPF on the topic of “US Levelized Cost of Energy, Opportunities and Challenges.”

Ryan Murphy, EDS Asset Manager, presented a session sharing EDS’s expertise in managing high voltage cable faults.  Ryan’s presentation emphasized how subsea cable failures were currently a great risk, with cable faults leading to insurance claims totaling more than €60 million in 2015.  Whilst you can’t eliminate this risk entirely Ryan discussed ways in which the likelihood of failure could be reduced, along with strategies to reduce the impact of failure. The key message from the session was that US could learn lessons from the experience that Europe already has, and that building collaborations and partnerships will be crucial for the future of the industry and bringing down the Levelized Cost of Energy.

Ryan said, “The Global Business Accelerator Programme for Offshore Wind has given us a unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge about emerging offshore wind markets in the US.  We were pleased to share our knowledge, experience and lessons learned both in the one to one meetings and via our presentation. It was also an excellent opportunity to get to know other innovative and forward-thinking UK businesses that operate in the offshore renewables sector.  We are grateful to both Innovate UK and Professor Alan Lowdon for the opportunity to take part in this well organized and well managed trip.”