On September 7th, the high-profile Zhongtian 5, a large cable-laying engineering ship built by ZTT, was delivered at the terminal of Nantong Tongmao Shipyard.

The ship sailed to the construction site of the 220kV submarine cable project in Dafeng, Yancheng, which is a historic landmark event symbolizing the marine equipment level and construction capacity of ZTT having reached a new height, and can provide strong support for ZTT Group to develop general marine contracting and offshore wind power market.

The Zhongtian 5 is the first engineering ship invested in and built by ZTT within the year. It has a 6,000-tonne turntable cable-laying engineering ship [maximum displacement in China] with a length of 100.58m, a molded breadth of 30.48m, a molded depth of 6.1m and a full load displacement of 10,000 tons. The ship is equipped with an electric turntable with the largest diameter [27m] and maximum load capacity [6000 tons] in China, suitable for ultra-high-voltage, large-cross-section and large-length submarine cable laying. With the rapid development of China's offshore wind power market, ZHONGTIAN 5 will become an important equipment for ZTT to grasp the initiative in the market and lead the industry.