With the growing number of COVID-19 cases across its various geographies, and in line with global best practice advice on how best to curtail the spread of the virus MainOne’s data center unit, MainData Nigeria Limited (MDXi), will like to assure all stakeholders that they are staying safe, while working to ensure continuity of its services.

As a result of the situation however, the company is taking immediate action to place a mandatory restriction on access to the company’s data center facilities, this will be effective immediately, and until further notice. These actions, MainOne believe, will ensure the safety of its staff and customers and enable continuous operation of its connectivity and data center facilities until normalcy returns. This is part of MainOne’s Business Continuity Plan to sustain operations with minimal impact to its customers.

An Emergency Request for access to the MainOne data center will need to be presented in writing in advance with the reason for the emergency, proven technical evidence supporting the request e.g., error messages that require physical intervention and immediate attention to fix, confirmation with the parties that physical presence is required to address the situation, and subsequently will be assessed by management on a case-by-case basis. In addition, all individuals requesting such access will need to provide their name, passport with evidence of travel itinerary within the past 30 days; and if travel has occurred, the company will require evidence of testing negative for the Coronavirus within the past 48 hours. Finally, in compliance with Lagos State social distancing guidelines, MainOne can only accommodate a maximum of 2 individuals per customer within any 24-hour period. This is because it already has a certain number of staff embedded in its data center to keep services running and granting more access will place its operations at risk by compelling MainOne to operate outside of those guidelines.

Finally, individuals granted access will be required to adhere with MDXi emergency health and safety protocols, as well as all other MDXi access policies and guidelines. Notwithstanding the foregoing, access to the data center facilities remain at MainOne’s sole discretion.