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HydroSurv, Sonardyne Push USVs for Offshore Data Acquisition

In another example of the move towards greater use of uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs) HydroSurv Unmanned Survey is joining forces with Sonardyne to develop and demonstrate transformative seabed-to-shore sensing and data acquisition technologies for offshore operations.

SubCableWorld recently has given a lot of coverage to cable ships.  We now want to expand this coverage to the welfare of the crews of these ships.  COVID-19 has impacted the daily lives and wellbeing of all seafarers in unprecedented ways, causing a humanitarian crisis at sea.

Zayo Bolsters Fiber Network Capabilities at NJFX Campus

NJFX announced that Zayo Group Holdings Inc. (Zayo), has expanded its presence at the NJFX CLS campus with the completion of two diverse, underground, high-capacity fiber cables interconnecting the NJFX campus to Zayo's global network.

New Applications for Subsea Cables: Ocean Energy

SubCableWorld recently began adding special coverage to novel or rapidly developing markets for submarine cables, both fiber optic and power.  The following is an important development in the wave and tidal power sector.

DigiPlex Expands in Denmark with Major Data Center Campus

DigiPlex, the Nordic leader for sustainable, scalable, and secure data centers, has acquired a plot of 110,000 m2, secured enough renewable power to support the development, as well as onsite water, planning and building permissions to construct five data centers for a major new campus site.

Okeanus Science & Technology, LLC, a leading provider of oceanographic rental equipment, turnkey survey systems, and engineered oceanographic equipment, announced that it has expanded its geographical footprint to include offices and equipment storage facilities in the state of Rhode Island, to support the sharp growth in demand from the offshore energy sector amid increasing offshore wind activity in the northeastern United States. Okeanus’ new waterfront facility is located at Prime Marina, in East Greenwich.

New Applications for Subsea Cables: Science

For many years, submarine cables have been used primarily for a limited number of applications.  For subsea fiber optic cables, there were the traditional commercial communications applications, as well as the occasional offshore oil & gas, defense or tsunami warning systems.  For power cables, offshore wind, interconnector and O&G applications dominated the market.

Paratus, Telecom Namibia Partner to Land Equiano

Paratus and Telecom Namibia have signed an unprecedented agreement to land the subsea cable Equiano in Namibia.

Hawaiian Telcom Files to Acquire License of Paniolo System

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has received an application for consent to the assignment of the cable landing license for the Paniolo Cable System (SCL-LIC-20070223-00003) from the Bankruptcy Estate of Paniolo Cable Company, LLC to Hawaiian Telcom, Inc. (HTI).

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