Anbaric Development Partners issued the following statement in response to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s announcement of a study to guide cost-effective offshore wind development in New York.

The study will examine successful offshore wind transmission models – with a specific focus on largescale European projects – to determine how key learnings can help guide the state to reach Governor Cuomo’s goal of 2,400 MW of offshore wind by 2030.

“As New York looks to generate 2,400 MW of offshore wind power by 2030, it is imperative that leaders use and improve upon the lessons learned from Europe to develop crucial transmission infrastructure. European countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, have the most experience developing offshore wind in the world and continue to embrace open-access transmission systems that have enabled the offshore wind industry to thrive and see remarkable reductions in costs. We look forward to the results of this study as we expect that it will provide a timely roadmap for how carefully planned transmission infrastructure can yield the best results with increased competition, affordability and scale” said Edward Krapels, CEO Anbaric.

Anbaric has proposed building “open-access” transmission cable systems that would allow multiple offshore wind farm owners to use the same cables to bring their electricity to the shore.