The Basslink Interconnector is expected to return to service in early June 2018, instead of the previous indicative date of 31 May 2018. According to a statement from Basslink, this slight delay to the return to service date is due to logistics and scheduling challenges beyond the control of Basslink.

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The Basslink Interconnector was the longest HVDC cable of its type in the world at time of construction and is still one of the longest. It is owned by Keppel Infrastructure Trust.

Chief Executive of Basslink Malcolm Eccles, said, “Due to the highly specialised nature of the equipment needed for the repair as well as the time needed to source the required expertise, the repair is taking longer than expected. However, we now have better visibility on the anticipated timeline. We will continue to work hard to bring the Basslink Interconnector back online as soon as possible.”

The Basslink telecoms cable providing broadband services to internet service providers continues to operate.

This incident is unrelated to the outage in December 2015 and the ongoing dispute with the State of Tasmania. Basslink says it will continue to update and advise its key stakeholders on the developments, as well as focus its efforts on repairing the equipment.