C-Kore Systems successfully completed a fault-finding in Australian waters. The Cable Monitor units helped the operation run smoothly by providing quick and accurate measurements of insulation resistance for the subsea system.

C-Kore Systems has a range of subsea testing tools used globally by operators and contractors on both fault-finding operations and new installation campaigns. The tools are easy to deploy and are operated without the need for C-Kore personnel being present, providing rapid and accurate feedback. This combination of simplicity, accuracy and reliability introduces significant operational savings to testing campaigns.

PHOTO View of C Kore working from the Ops Room

The Subsea Manager for the Australian operator commented, “We were very pleased how well the operation was performed. As the C-Kore units are so easy to use and always provide quick, accurate results, the C-Kore units have become an integral part of our offshore operations.”

The Project Engineer commented further, “C-Kore continue to support us well on our offshore operations. The C-Kore units do exactly what they are supposed to do, providing good quality results quickly. Along with their great customer support, C-Kore really is simplifying the subsea testing.”

Greg Smith, General Manager for C-Kore, added, “We are delighted our C-Kore units add so much value to our customer’s operations. This is exactly how we designed the units: extremely easy to use, while providing customers with accurate data on their subsea equipment. We look forward to working with our Australian customers on many more operations in the future.”