Hengtong High Voltage Submarine Cable Co., a sub-company of Hengtong Optic-Electric, has produced the world’s longest length of 500kV AC XLPE submarine power cable without factory joints. With such a technical breakthrough, Hengtong High Voltage is not just continuing to improve its extra high voltage (EHV) submarine references but also consolidating its position in the industry.

The 18.15km of 500 kV XLPE submarine cable without factory joints successfully passed the complete Factory Acceptance Test on the 10th March 2018. In recognition of the achievement in developing the manufacturing process as well as the excellence of the cable system solution offered to the customer, the management team of the cable manufacturing plant celebrated the milestone with all its workers.

The 500kV submarine cable system plays a key part of a very important power transmission and transformation project in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province in China. The cable will facilitate the power interconnection between offshore installations, Ningbo (a coastal city in Zhejiang province) and Zhoushan.

“The 500 kV XLPE submarine cable will be a crucial part of the power interconnectivity in the new development zone of the Zhoushan Archipelago,” stated Li Ziwei, chairman of Hengtong High Voltage. “We are extremely proud of our contribution to making the “made in China” a worldwide reference and also about the success of our teams that designed a differentiating solution overcoming important technical challenges. This solution will support the development of the energy grid in Ningbo-Zhoushan areas”