LS Cable announced that it has signed a contract to supply 40 billion KRW of ultra-high voltage submarine cable to Malaysia Power Authority.

LS Cable will supply 28 kilometers of submarine power cable at a maximum water depth of 20 meters between Perlis and Langkawi in northwestern Malaysia, the company said in a statement.  When construction is completed in September next year, the power supply of Langkawi Island will be doubled.

The Malaysian government is trying to create a tourism hub in Langkawi Island.  The new cable will aid economic development, urbanization, and tourism. 

The market for submarine power cables for Malaysia’s many islands is growing.  When the Malaysian government announced the tender for ultra-high voltage submarine cables in September last year, global cable makers such as Europe have entered into a fierce competition.  LS Cable said that the successful completion of large-scale underwater power grid projects in North America, Europe, and the Middle East had a great impact on the company winning the contract, according to the company.