The Business Network for Offshore Wind has released a map of the existing and planned offshore wind farms off the US Northeast coast, which can be download here.

The map is something that the submarine cable industry should pay close attention to.  Although it does not show plans for cables, the number and location of projects as well as the vast areas they cover give a hint as to scope of the cable network that will be needed to serve them. 


Estimating the amount of cable that these wind farms represent is difficult at this time.  Most plans are at the early stages of development and the cable needs are not yet clear.  Still, it is our estimate that, for the committed offshore wind projects in the pipeline alone, more than 1,000 kilometers of inter-array and export cable will be required. 

Leaders in the industry are already looking at the geographic placement of the wind farms and seeing opportunities for innovated cable routing solutions.  Deepwater Wind and Anbaric Development Partners (ADP) have proposed grid-type networks off Southern New England that could be used by any of the wind farms.  The map provides a visual representation of the concentration of offshore wind farms in that area – six in total; one in service, four already awarded and one to be awarded. 

The map shows a similar concentration off the Mid-Atlantic coast with six awarded and one to be awarded.