Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd (ZTT) has won a bidding process with the China State Grid’s 8th procurement bid for the supply of cables for a total sum of 808 million CNY (102 million Euros).

The procurement includes submarine cables for the Yangjiang Nanpeng Island 300MW offshore wind power Project.

The site area for the offshore wind farm is about 58 km2, the water depth is 23~32 meters, and the closest distance from land is about 30 km. The total installed capacity of the project will be 300MW. After being boosted by the offshore booster station, the power will be transported to the onshore centralized control center through a 220kV 3×400 mm2 submarine cable, and then connected to the Yangjiang power grid system via a 220kV line. ZTT will provide the whole 45 km 220kV submarine optic fiber composite cable system.

This project is the second 220kV 3×400 mm2 submarine cable project in China. The first project, the China Power Investment Dafeng H3# project was also implemented by ZTT. The 52.5 km single factory length of the project has since created an industry record. The conductor cross section 400 mm2 is the smallest cross-sectional submarine cable of the current 220kV voltage class. Because of the small nominal cross section of the conductor and the high field strength of the insulating layer, the cross-section submarine cable soft joint technology is a recognized technical challenge in the industry. Through years of process exploration, technical improvement and test verification, ZTT has made a major breakthrough in the field of high-field-strength insulation recovery technology, with a pass rate of 100%.