Infinera reports that it has achieved record capacity on a single fiber pair over a transatlantic cable and 700 Gb/s data rate per wavelength.

The trial was conducted on the MAREA transatlantic cable using Infinera’s ICE6 optical engine.  To summarize the results:

  • MAREA hero results over 6,640 km:
    • 30 Tb/s of total capacity on a single fiber pair
    • 700 Gb/s data rate per wavelength
  • MAREA deployable results over 6,640 km:
    • 28 Tb/s of total capacity on a single fiber pair
    • Up to 650 Gb/s data rate per wavelength

Blog MAREA Map 777wide

The trial results were announced by Infinera in a blog post by Geoff Bennett, Director, Solutions Marketing.  The full blog post can be read here

In a pre-briefing before the blog was published, Robert Shore, Infinera’s SVP Global Marketing, spoke with SubCableWorld.  We asked him why MAREA was used for this trial. 

“MAREA is one of the most advanced systems," Rob said.  "It uses advanced fibers that have a wide area, so it minimizes the first-order non-linear impairments.  They also put their amplifiers much closer together and run them on slightly lower power.  I think it’s about 56-kilometer spacing whereas it’s typically in the 80-kilometer range.  At 80 kilometers, they run at higher power which introduces more non-linear impairments.  So the answer is that you get the best results on MAREA.  And equally, if not more importantly, Facebook is willing to do this with everybody so it’s a really good opportunity to test your equipment shoulder-to-shoulder with the competition."