This year’s SubOptic 2019 Masterclasses will open their doors to a brand-new audience next month. SubOptic will welcome to its triennial conference students of New Orleans’ Tulane University Physics and Computer Science departments to take part in a day of Masterclasses.

Organized for SubOptic Association by STF Events, the upcoming SubOptic 2019 conference will be held at the New Orleans Marriott from 8-11 April 2019 ( SubOptic is the longest running and most comprehensive conference series in the world for the subsea fiber industry, and SubOptic 2019 will be the tenth in the industry-defining submarine telecoms conference series.

“We at Tulane welcome SubOptic 2019 to New Orleans, and we appreciate the exciting opportunity for our students to learn more about the subsea fiber industry,” said Dr. Lev Kaplan, Department Chair, Department of Physics and Engineering Physics at Tulane University.

On Monday, 8 April, SubOptic 2019 will be holding six Masterclasses on subjects related to subsea fiber cable systems. SubOptic has provided complimentary day passes to a group of Tulane engineering and computer science students who are interested in learning about the industry behind the worldwide Internet. Titles of these Masterclasses are as follows:

  • Advancements in Marine Installation and Maintenance
  • Legal and Regulatory Developments
  • Open Submarine Networks
  • Principles of Offshore Oil & Gas Submarine Telecoms
  • Updates to Transmission Technology
  • Wet Plant Design and Qualification

Yves Ruggeri, SubOptic Association President, adds, “I’m very pleased that Tulane University shares SubOptic’s desire to offer local students this close-up glimpse into the fascinating world of subsea fiber technology and operations.  Submarine cables are a central component of the world’s Internet and data communication infrastructure, and our industry wants to motivate more talented young professionals to choose a career in one of many challenging fields of subsea expertise.”