TE SubCom, a TE Connectivity Ltd. company, has begun manufacturing of C+L optical transmission technology, a significant advancement for cable system operators seeking ultra-wide, low-latency transmission.

C+L technology effectively doubles the available bandwidth and capacity per fiber pair. A second length of Erbium-doped fiber in the undersea repeaters provides amplification and support for wavelengths on the long wavelength side of the traditional C-band for telecommunications applications. While an evolutionary step in fiber-based amplification technology, C+L technology, which TE SubCom is currently manufacturing for a contracted system that is scheduled for activation in 2018, provides a revolutionary step in available fiber and undersea cable transmission capacity.

For example, a transatlantic cable using eight fiber pairs equipped with C+L technology can carry an unprecedented capacity of up to 325 terabits per second. This massive transmission capacity results in an extremely low cost per transported bit and represents an exceptional value to cable operators. Furthermore, C+L’s efficient use of fiber bandwidth and the subsequent limited number of fiber pairs required for transmission capacity, enable the cable itself to remain a compact and cost-effective design.

“This is a significant milestone for our company as we believe we’re providing our customers with the bandwidth and capacity that they need to power today’s networks, within a system that is reliable, cost-effective and ready for implementation,” said Neal Bergano, vice president and chief technology officer, TE SubCom.

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