Web Industries Inc.’s Industrial Division highlighted its ability to design and produce custom-made foil and film laminated materials for advanced datacom cable applications at IWCS 2018.

“As more cable manufacturers switch over to Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications, a growing number of cables transmit both power and data,” says Web Industries Business Development Manager Charlie Belcher. “Web Industries’ engineers can collaborate closely with manufacturers of these cutting-edge cables to custom-design specialty laminates that meet specific requirements. The tapes can be developed in various designs and with different types of foil, film and foam components.”

WebIndustriesHDLCTape 300x200

Web’s specialty laminates include foil/film shielding tapes, in discontinuous and continuous varieties. These tapes help prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and alien crosstalk in LAN and datacom cable applications. The laminated products also include foam/foil low-capacitance and heat dissipation tapes, which are used to draw heat away from a cable’s core and toward its exterior jacket.

“Currently, Web is working with cable industry leaders to design an advanced multi-component shielding tape. Once finalized, the tape will accommodate four twisted wire pairs and shield each pair from crosstalk and external interference.”

Web’s shielding tapes are composed of polyester film and aluminum foil, and are available in a range of material thicknesses and slit widths. Web can produce the tapes in widths as narrow as 0.050”.

In addition to laminated tapes, Web Industries will exhibit advanced cable filler and extruded products. These include SUPERBULK®, FR SUPERBULK® and ZHFR SUPERBULK® (zero-hal, low-smoke) cable fillers. SUPERBULK fillers are lightweight, lower-cost materials that prevent wicking and water absorption, and resist acids and other harsh substances in cable applications. The fillers, which are formed into yarns or tapes, are generally made of foamed or solid polypropylene. Web recently added new polyethylene cable fillers and a broader range of filler colors to its offerings. FR and ZHFR SUPERBULK fillers offer flame-retardant performance in cable applications.

Web’s extruded products include precision-tuned low dielectric constant separator and / or signal isolation tapes used to separate conductors, reduce capacitance and manage heat in LAN cables. The tapes come in various colors, slit widths and thicknesses.