The Radar Screen Report (RSR) offers in-depth analysis of the submarine cable industry and a forecast of the industry's potential growth. The RSR offers comprehensive and valuable information for the market, one focusing on the World of Submarine Fiber Optic Cable.

Increasing dependency on global connectivity correlates to a strengthening market for submarine fiber optics. The 2017 Radar Screen Fiber Optic Cable Report provides an in-depth overview of the state of the industry and insight to future opportunities over the next five years.

  • Review of 2017 Contracts
  • Forecast Demand 2018-2023
  • Major Factors Impacting the Market
  • List of 2017 Projects Under Contract
  • List of Future Planned Projects

The Radar Screen Report is an essential tool for all decision makers in the submarine cable industry and in 2018, you'll have complete access with your SCW NewsFeed subscription.