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Intelligence report for the Offshore Wind Cable industry

In recent years, the offshore wind market has taken off more quickly and more dramatically than anyone had anticipated. Offshore wind farms are now commonplace throughout Northern Europe, producing power at prices that are dropping far faster than had been hoped. New markets are growing around the world as demand for low-cost renewable energy grows.

As the offshore wind market grows, the need for cables to carry this newly-generated electricity to the onshore grid has exploded. Demand has, at times, exceeded supply, forcing cable makers to increase their production facilities. Even with that, it seems like the offshore wind market can consume as much cable as the manufacturers can produce.

Given these dynamics, we believe the time is right for an information service that focuses on the offshore wind cable market. SCW’s new Offshore Wind Cable (OWC) Almanac is our response. Combining news and analysis, the OWC Almanac will provide the information that the industry needs to understand this promising market in a clear and concise manner. Most importantly, the Almanac is just about the cables. It can focus on this one critically important piece of the offshore wind infrastructure.

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