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The submarine cable industry is changing at a startling pace. The industry needs new tools to keep up with these changes. The SubCableWorld Radar Screen Report is an information service that allows subscribers to follow the evolving submarine cable market virtually in real-time. Tracking the key metrics of the market on a daily basis, the Radar Screen Report provides a current view of the marketplace as well as a forecasting of future developments. The Radar Screen Report’s ability to combine breaking news with analysis of the market and solid historical data makes it a unique information service for the industry.

The Radar Screen Report contains continually updated analyses of metrics such as supply contract awards, the availability of financing and demand for bandwidth. SubCableWorld has been tracking these and other metrics for more than a decade, thus providing historical data to support an analysis based on the latest news and developments. The report also contains a database of submarine cable projects, again continuously updated. While the historical data provides the foundation, the Radar Screen Report is first and foremost a forward-looking service. The projects in our database are those under development or those that have recently entered service. This reflects the changing market by focusing on those projects that are having the greatest impact -- those that are changing the market right before our eyes.

The submarine cable market has had its share of booms and busts over its history. Forecasting its future requires new tools and a new outlook. This is what we provide in the Radar Screen Report.

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SubCableWorld is a news and information service that changes the way the submarine cable industry is covered. It presents the latest news from the industry, as well as real-time analysis of the market.