An outage on a submarine fiber optic cable system serving the Northern Mariana Islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota made considerable headline last month.  Being the only cable serving the islands, the outage completely severed their landline telephone and Internet connections for several days and communications remained limited for weeks until the cable was repaired.

By contrast, a cable outage in the Caribbean was barely noted in the press.  The unidentified cable was damaged by the eruption of the colorfully-named Kick‘em Jenny undersea volcano near the island of Grenada.  The lack of coverage was likely due to the fact that Grenada is served by other cables and the outage did not appear to significantly disrupt traffic.

Trinidad telecom operator TSTT issued a statement on July 24 reporting the outage and warning that Trinidad’s Internet users might experience slow download speeds, followed by another statement on August 6 reporting that the cable was repaired two days earlier.  We could not find any other announcements about the outage.

Everyone in the submarine cable industry recognizes the value of redundancy.  The events in the Marianas and Caribbean once again demonstrates that value.