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ICAEW: East Africa to See Highest GDP Group

Africa's economic strength is very important for the prospects for additional submarine fiber optic cable systems serving the continent, as well as being an indicator of the pace of Internet bandwidth demand.

Latest Developments on Kuril Islands Dispute

We have written about the Kuril Islands before as efforts to resolve an international dispute over their sovereignty could lead to the building of new submarine cables. 

Australia Launches New Pacific Infrastructure Initiative

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has announced two new infrastructure programs to strengthen relations with Pacific island neighbors. 

Togo becomes Member of the Africa Finance Corporation

The Togolese Republic (Togo) has become the 20th Member State of Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), Africa's leading infrastructure development finance institution.

U.S.-Japan Issue Joint Statement on Pacific Cooperation

The United States and Japan reaffirmed their shared goal of bolstering a free and open Indo-Pacific and welcomed concrete progress in their joint effort to develop energy, infrastructure, and digital connectivity in the region. 

Agreement Supports Fiber Links in the Caucasus Region

An agreement signed between Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan on October 29 puts government support behind the development of fiber optic links between Europe and Asia.

U.S. Cable Bandwidth Sees 43.3% CAGR from 2007-2016

Available bandwidth on submarine cables landing in U.S. territories experienced a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 43.3% between 2007 and 2016.

World Bank Funding for Indonesia Disaster Preparedness

The World Bank has announced funding that could lead to the completion of a submarine fiber optic based tsunami warning system.

Sandvine: Netflix Has 15% of Downstream Internet Traffic

Consultancy Sandvine has published its latest Global Internet Phenomena Report and says that Netflix is the #1 downstream application worldwide with almost 15% of global Internet traffic. 

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