The cutting of four submarine fiber optic cables in two separate incidents off East Africa in February not only caused disruptions throughout the region, but led to some interesting media coverage.

In this age of provocative headlines, some of the stories that have emerged from the service disruption appear to advocate the scrapping of submarine fiber optic cables completely.  See the following links:

Under the Sea: In the Age of Wireless, Can't We Do Better than Intercontinental Fiber Optic Cables? (

In wake of damage to fiber optic cables in Africa, critics ask whether other systems would better transmit data (

In fact, in spite of the headlines, both articles conclude by noting that submarine fiber optic cables are the best technology for long-haul, high-speed traffic.

Perhaps a more balanced analysis of the impact of the cuts can be found on a blog entry entitled East African Internet Resilience (

Some other articles of interest are:

Wreck of undersea cables shows the backhoe isn't the only natural enemy of the Internet (

East Africa Tackles Telecom Snafu (, which includes an interview with SEACOM founder Brian Herlihy