This year’s International Telecoms Week (ITW) has seen an explosion of submarine fiber optic cable announcements unlike anything in memory.  As we noted yesterday, at least 19 announcements related to submarine cables were released at the beginning of ITW or in the week leading up to the event.

Also as we noted yesterday, one word defines the flurry of announcements – investment.  Clearly, whether you are a large international carrier, an Internet giant or a new cable developer, submarine cables (and the bandwidth they provide) have become an attractive investment. 

As we also noted in our Radar Screen Report, the submarine fiber optic cable market is healthy.  Investment money is available, something that has not been a constant for this industry during the 21st Century.  Cables can be funded in a variety of different ways – consortia, private, public, etc. – and are being built to serve developed and developing markets alike.  This variety is key to a healthy market.

The developments in 2014, followed by the optimism shown at ITW, are positive indicators that the submarine fiber optic cable market still has some strong growth ahead of it.