There are a lot of methods that we use to monitor the health of the submarine fiber optic cable industry.  Undoubtedly the least scientific of these is the measure of enthusiasm shown by the industry at the major telecom conferences.  As we can’t count smiles versus frowns, in recent months we’ve begun looking at the number of major submarine cable-related announcements made at, or leading up to, these conferences in an effort to gain insight into how dynamic the industry is at this moment. 

So for the recently concluded ITW conference, we have kept track of the number of press releases announcing significant developments related to submarine cables.  We counted the releases from the week of the conference, as well as those in the prior week.  Here are the results:

In total, 29 significant announcements were made regarding activities in the submarine fiber optic cable business during the two-week period from May 8-19.  These fit into the following categories:

  • New cables or progress on previously announced cables – 8 announcements
  • Services offered on existing cables -- 7 announcements
  • Connections to data centers/cable stations -- 7 announcements
  • New technologies/products -- 6 announcements
  • Financing -- 1 announcements

What conclusions can be drawn from this?  To begin with, this can only be considered to be a good sign – 29 announcements in 10 business days for this industry is a lot of activity.  In addition, this follows high activity levels at a number of major conferences going back to last year’s SubOptic.  When combined with other metrics that we are tracking, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the submarine fiber optic cable industry is growing and confident.