The growth of the Internet in Africa is one of the biggest stories in telecommunications so far in the 21st Century.  The Internet explosion in Africa was initiated by mobile broadband, given the lack of fixed-line infrastructure in much of the continent.  For the submarine fiber optic cable industry, this development has meant a building spree of new cable systems that is continuing to this day. 

None of this seems to be changing anytime soon.  New cables are being installed (ACE extension) or are under development (Liquid Sea and the West Africa-Brazil cables), faster and cheaper mobile broadband devices are being introduced and demand for the Internet continues to grow.

The latest indication of the latter comes from Facebook.  The company announced today that 16 million people in Nigeria visit Facebook every month with 100% of them coming on mobile. Each day, 7.2 million people visit Facebook with 7 million on mobile.  Facebook also noted that 65% of Nigerians use two or more devices to access the Internet and 88% of Nigerians watch online videos at least monthly.