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FiberSense, SX Announce Cable Monitoring Solution

Deep-tech fiber sensing company FiberSense and critical infrastructure owner Southern Cross Cable Network (SX) have announced successful testing of the world’s first subsea cable monitoring service that can co-exist on a live traffic carrying fiber.

EXA Infrastructure, Islalink Announce Agreement for IONIAN

EXA Infrastructure and Islalink announced a partnership whereby EXA will become the key landing and terrestrial services partner in Italy and anchor tenant in IONIAN.

AFR-IX Telecom Announces Medusa Cable System

AFR-IX Telecom has been talking about the Medusa Cable System in the Mediterranean Sea for some time, but now has a new website devoted to it. 

GO’s National Connectivity Project Enters Final Phase

With the start of winter comes the start of the final phase of the PEACE project, an investment by GO of €25 million in a 3rd submarine cable which will directly connect Malta to France, Egypt, and beyond.

Southern Cross NEXT Lands in Kiribati

Southern Cross Cable Network (SX) announced that it has successfully completed the marine lay portion of its new Southern Cross NEXT (SX NEXT) cable branch into Kiritimati, Kiribati.

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