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SubCom Announces Contract-in-Force for Firmina

SubCom, in conjunction with Google, announced that a contract is in force for the design, manufacture, and deployment of Firmina, a new high-speed undersea cable system connecting North and South America.

“International connectivity is essential to ensure the efficient functioning of the entire Internet ecosystem. It is a fundamental ingredient for both socioeconomic development and those domestic and international projects focusing on innovation and scientific research. These two applications fully justify the establishment of new international underwater routes for greater connectivity” – João Cadete Matos, Chairman of ANACOM, Portugal’s regulatory body.

PEACE Cable, PCCW Global to Leverage Infinera’s ICE6

PEACE Cable International Network Co., Limited, and PCCW Global announce that they will deploy the Infinera ICE6 optical engine solution on the Mediterranean Segment of the Pakistan & East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) submarine cable system.

Arctic Connect Project Set on Hold for Further Assessment

Cinia Ltd, as the leading party of the Cinia Alliance, in collaboration with MegaFon, have been working on the development phase for the Arctic submarine cable project.

GlobeNet: Customers Are Already Benefitting From Malbec

GlobeNet announced that customers from Argentina, Colombia, and the United States have been activated on its new Malbec submarine cable system.

No Early Aging Signs on GCX’s Subsea Network

Global CloudXchange (GCX) announces key findings from a Pioneer Consulting report evaluating the service life of its global subsea assets.

NO-UK Granted Final Permits, Commences Marine Installation

NO-UK Com AS, Altibox Carrier and Xtera announced that the marine programme for the NO-UK submarine cable system has commenced with loading completed in Nordenheim, Germany.

Chile Welcomes Mistral Cable

Chilean officials are welcoming the landing of the Mistral cable in their country, the latest development in a number of new submarine cables that are turning Chile into a major telecommunications hub. 

Cable breaks or faults on subsea optical cables can impact global digital connectivity and have costly ramifications for businesses and internet users. Three such incidents impacted users on the African continent in 2020 alone. Each year more than a hundred cable breaks are recorded across the world causing disruptions to communications and connectivity.

Seaborn Provides Connectivity to Webby Internet’s Backbone

Seaborn Networks and Webby Internet, a broadband network operator in the states of São Paulo, Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul, announce that Seaborn’s network is providing international connectivity to Webby’s backbone, enabling Webby to offer enhanced services and attract new customers in Brazil.

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