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Alaska Communications Provides Fiber for Oceanic Monitoring

Alaska Communications is collaborating with Oregon State University’s College of Engineering to allow wave activity data to be collected from the ocean floor via the company’s subsea fiber optic cable.

Editor’s Note: We have been covering several technologies that can turn commercial submarine fiber optic cables into sensor systems that can greatly increase our ability to collect data from the ocean floor. The following comes from Nokia, which released this article on one of these technologies, Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS). 

Editor’s Note: We have been covering SMART Cable technology extensively in SubCableWorld in recent months, but there are other technologies that can take advantage of submarine fiber optic cables to collect ocean data.  The following press release from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) describes advances in one of those technologies:

The Scientific Monitoring and Reliable Telecommunications (SMART) initiative has passed a major milestone in the effort to bring scientific sensing to commercial submarine cable networks.

SubCableWorld has been closely monitoring the progress of the SMART Cables concept.  For those who are unfamiliar with it, SMART Cables incorporate sensors in the repeaters and allow traditional commercial submarine fiber optic cables to collect vast amounts of ocean data without interfering with their primary purpose of carrying Internet traffic.

Subsea Data Systems, Inc., a new partnership between Samara/Data and Ocean Specialists, Inc., is pleased to announce their participation in a new 5-year project funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to support the University of Hawai`i’s SMART Cable efforts.

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