In our recently published Radar Screen Report for submarine power cables, we noted that demand for cable in 2014 reached new levels as the industry surges ahead.  We also noted in a recent NewsFeed that after such a big year it might take a little time for momentum to rebuild and it took a few weeks for demand in 2015 to get moving.  For the first six weeks of the year, only one 38-kilometer contract was announced.

But then things really picked up in the seventh week.  A large wind farm contract and one of the longest interconnector projects in history pushed the total to over 800 kilometers of cable.  This total, in less than two months, is nearly as much as the entire total for 2013 (986 km). 

The strain of such high demand on manufacturing capacity can be seen as well.  The completion date of the recently-awarded NordLink project has been pushed from 2018 to 2019, because of the limits of the supply chain. 

It is always better, however, to have too much demand than not enough.