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New Applications for Subsea Cables: Science

For many years, submarine cables have been used primarily for a limited number of applications.  For subsea fiber optic cables, there were the traditional commercial communications applications, as well as the occasional offshore oil & gas, defense or tsunami warning systems.  For power cables, offshore wind, interconnector and O&G applications dominated the market.

NSEA, SMD Debut New Cable Survey Technology

Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) has partnered with Dutch subsea contractor N-SEA to successfully prove ground-breaking new subsea technology that could change the future of cable construction.

Prysmian Sets Data Transmission Record: 1 Pbps

Prysmian Group, Nokia Bell Labs and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) announce a record-setting 1 Petabit per second transmission over an optical fibre with standard dimensions.

Vogel Telecom, Ciena Deploy First 800G Network in Sao Paulo

Vogel Telecom, a wholesale and B2B telecommunications provider in Brazil, recently deployed Sao Paulo’s first 800G optical network to support customers in delivering high-quality cloud, edge computing, video streaming and gaming experiences.

Ciena 800G WaveLogic 5 Used by 65 Customers Globally in 2020

Ciena brought to market the industry’s first programmable 800G solution with WaveLogic 5 Extreme earlier this year. After just over six months of commercial availability, 65 customers are using the solution with 3700 coherent modems shipped by the end of October.

Etisalat Moves toward an Autonomous Network with Blue Planet

Etisalat has deployed the first end-to-end multi-vendor DWDM Transport network orchestration in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region with software from Blue Planet, a division of Ciena, forging a path to create one of the world’s most adaptive and self-optimising networks. Blue Planet’s intelligent automation software supports in accelerating Etisalat’s digital transformation journey in line with UAE’s vision to create a more competitive digital economy.

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