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Devoted to the safeguarding of submarine telecommunications and power cables, the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) is pleased to announce the success of its first-ever virtual Plenary meeting.

ASN, IXblue, SeaOwl Join Forces on Environmental Protection

Following several months of fruitful discussions and dialogue, several French players have announced the creation of the AMSSI (Agora for Maritime & Submarine Sustainable Innovations).

Successful Trial of 400GbE POP to POP Trans-Atlantic Service

Aqua Comms DAC and Telia Carrier announced that the two companies have successfully completed a trial with Ciena to offer 400GbE commercial services between New York and Frankfurt.

At the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean lies a multitude of cables carrying bundles of optical fibers that support telecommunications between continents. The MAREA cable is considered the gold standard of these transatlantic cables and spans 6,605 km from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA to Bilbao, Spain. It came into service in 2018.

HMN Tech Launches 18kV Power Feeding Solution

HMN Tech announced that it has launched an industry-first 18kV power feeding solution in submarine cable systems worldwide.

Altibox, one of the largest regional operators in Norway and Denmark, is utilizing Ciena’s Waveserver 5 coherent optical solution to create a robust and flexible network for cloud providers, global webscale providers and large enterprises.

Observability Experts Join Kentik

Kentik®, the network observability company, announced the appointments of Rob Markovich as CMO, Doug Madory as director of internet analysis and Jamie Barnett as a board member.

Solutions Sought for World’s First Artificial Energy Island

Ramboll will provide high-level support to the VindØ consortium on master-planning the world’s first artificial energy island, VindØ, which is expected to be realised by 2030.

Ribbon Upgrades Cinia's Transport Network

Ribbon Communications Inc. announced that its Apollo OTN Transport and Switching platforms have been selected to upgrade Cinia's backbone transport network in Finland and Northern Europe, with key features including high capacity, low latency and resilience.

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