Sumitomo fiber


It is worth noting that the Optical Fiber Communications (OFC) conference took place last month.  Although covering the entire range of optical fiber communications technologies, the conference is often the venue to announce new products related to submarine fiber optic technologies.  This year was no exception as there were two important announcements of new optical fibers with submarine cable applications. 

In a post-deadline paper, Sumitomo Electric announced that it has developed a coupled multi-core optical fiber suitable for ultra-long-haul transmission.  The fiber has set new records of the low attenuation and the low spatial mode dispersion in the optical fibers for space division multiplexing (see image above). 

In addition, OFS announced a breakthrough in ocean fiber technology with the introduction of TeraWave SCUBA Optical Fiber, offering a combination of the industry’s largest effective area, excellent cabling performance in the C- and L-bands, and low attenuation. These features enable reliable coherent transmission at 100 Gb/s and beyond over trans-oceanic distances at the highest channel counts.

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