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JDR Cable Systems (JDR) is an excellent example of how a company focused on serving the offshore oil & gas industry was able to diversify into offshore wind with considerable success. 

JDR was a latecomer to the offshore wind market.  The company was focused until 2014 on making cables and umbilicals for offshore oil & gas applications.  Seeing an opportunity in offshore wind at a time when the supply chain was becoming strained by large-scale development of offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom and Germany, JDR moved into the market and quickly became a major player as the charts below demonstrate.

In its first years as an offshore wind cable supplier, JDR supplied mostly inter-array cables.  Recently, the company has won contracts that include export cables as well. 

JDR was an independent company based in Hartlepool, UK, until it was acquired by Poland’s TFKable during 2017.  TFKable, a major manufacturer of a variety of cables for terrestrial uses, was not previously involved in the offshore wind farm business.  The acquisition does show the desire of European cable makers to get into the market, however, as the offshore wind becomes more and more promising.  

JDR continues to produce its cables at a state-of-the-art facility in Hartlepool, but this is now supported by a group facility in Bydgoszcz, Poland. 

When it first entered the market, JDR’s offshore wind cabling business was primarily focused on the UK.  In recent years, however, it has expanded its focus geographically as well as into new offshore wind technologies.  In 2017, JDR was named the preferred supplier for a major US windfarm project in Maryland and won a contract to supply cable for a floating wind farm site in Portugal.

In the US, in addition to being named the preferred supplier for US Wind’s Maryland offshore wind farm, JDR took a major step forward in November 2018, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with McAllister Towing, a leading tugboat operator in the Northeast, for the development and collaborative operation of a US East Cost Offshore Wind subsea power cable service base with an integrated cable training center.

Feb 2019 OWCA JDR 1

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